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Archive for August, 2015

The challenge of presenteeism vs. productivity

August 27th, 2015 | Articles | Comments Off

According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of employees come into work while ill. Presenteeism, or struggling into work when unwell, is becoming an increasing problem in UK workplaces. Currently presenteeism is estimated to cost the UK economy £15.1 billion, which is a staggering £6.7 billion more than the cost of sickness absence. What is […]

Importance of Pupil Wellbeing

August 2nd, 2015 | News | Comments Off

Mental health, domestic violence, bullying and obesity are among the main health and safeguarding concerns reported by school heads across England, according to a new report on pupil wellbeing. What are the main factors for loss of wellbeing In the annual State of Education survey conducted by The Key, 67% of 1,180 headteachers and other […]

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