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Why middle-aged women should embrace therapy!

Whether its managing the menopause, dealing with empty nest syndrome, navigating a divorce, looking after elderly parents or facing ageism in the workplace, being a women in her 50’s is sometimes not a great place to be.

A recent article published in the Daily Mail by leading psychotherapist Susie Orbach entitled “Why every middle aged women needs therapy” states that when women hit 50, life suddenly seems less certain and many women being to lose confidence in themselves. Plus they are mentally, emotionally and physically drained from dealing with the many issues and problems that life has thrown at them.

In the UK today, more than 1.5 million people see a therapist/counsellor, but many fiftysomething woman admit to feeling they approach that first appointment with feelings of foolishness and shame. This could be because women of this generation were taught to put themselves last, downplay their problems and take on those of everyone else, often risking their health in the process? And if this is true, perhaps this also explains why some middle-aged women feel like a failure as they have lost sight of themselves and who they are. That’s where counselling and its safe, private and confidential environment can really help.

Counselling for change

Miriam Bannon of Leamington Spa based counselling practice All About People explains. “Middle age has always been a difficult period because it’s a time of change and for some women that is not always welcome. Plus traditionally, we have always been expected to cope with everything that life throws at us, but sometimes that list is never ending and we feel ourselves buckling under the burden of having to take on additional responsibilities and/or make difficult decisions.”

Miriam adds. “Counselling can help you to prevent confusion about your identity becoming a crisis and develop the emotional resources needed enabling you to not only to cope but to survive the changes that are happening to and around you. Often simply being listened to and understood are enough to give women hope that they can find internal resources to deal with the changes that are happening to them.”

Miriam concludes. “I find that women in their 50s get a lot out of counselling because they’ve already spotted the patterns in their lives that can hold them back. Obviously counselling is not a ‘quick fix’, it is an investment. It will not make you a better wife, more employable or able to react effectively in stressful times, but the process can give you the confidence to seek to become those things, to find a new, different way of approaching the world.”

But don’t take our word for it; listen to the words of one of our happy middle-aged clients.

“Life is amazing now, I am so grateful for the support and commitment that I got through counselling, my life has changed and I am now able to cope with and face each day knowing that I have been through the worst of it and I am fully equipped with the tools to face anything the world has to throw at me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days, of course I do, but what would normally take me months to deal with now takes me an hour or less to rationalise and think through”.

For help, support and a listening ear to help you embrace middle-age rather than be scared of it, access our professional, specialist and confidential corporate counselling service by calling: 01926 882521 or emailing

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