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Help yourself before helping others!

Modern day lives are increasingly busy. There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want, as you tend to spend inordinate amounts of time doing things for other people usually at a breakneck pace. But looking after yourself is important. Because if you are not feeling at the top of your game, how can you possibly look after others.

There’s a common analogy that’s used to illustrate this. On an aeroplane, during the safety demonstration, you are asked to fit your own oxygen mask before you help others. The same is true when it comes to managing what life chooses to throws at you. You have to take care of your own mental, physical and spiritual health, before you can ably assist family, friends or colleagues. This is what is known as self-care.

sleepingWhat is self-care?

Self-care is all taking care of yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically so that you feel well. This means engaging in activities that make you feel happy, connected and relaxed. This could be regular holidays, meeting up with friends, indulging in your favourite hobbies, having a good night’s sleep or recharging your batteries as you enjoy a walk during the long summer evenings. Sometimes just having time to yourself without anyone else needing anything from you is all that is needed. But many people struggle to make it part of their daily routine, as they are forever juggling busy work or home lives.

Why self-care is so important

Every day we make choices and take responsibility for our lifestyle, such as brushing our teeth, eating healthily or choosing to do some exercise. And we can be good at taking care of ourselves when we have symptoms of something that we know we can cure with some over the counter medicines, i.e. a headache, cough, sore throat etc.

However, when it comes prioritising and meeting your own needs over those of family members, friends and employees, we are less accomplished at finding the right solution. Which is where self-care can reap rewards, by helping you to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Preserve relationships
  • Maintain a beneficial work/life balance
  • Nurture your mental and physical well-being

Effective and energetic

Some people think that self-care is selfish or inconsiderate. But think about it, when you avoid things that make you feel physically and mentally well, you deplete your confidence and self-esteem. Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings, which improve confidence and self-esteem and can, make you feel more energetic and effective too.

What’s the solution?

And Miriam Bannon of Leamington Spa based counselling practice All About People agrees. “Supporting people as they learn to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing is essential. Keeping your body and mind fit and healthy not only helps you in the short term, but it can also prevent illness and accidents in the medium to long-term.”

Miriam continues. “There are many benefits of self care for people who live with a long term condition, illness or disability. They can suffer less pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue, have a better quality of life, be more active and independent and live longer. Essentially, you need to connect with yourself and this is where talking to someone you trust is important. Whether it’s a counsellor, a friend or a colleague, you may find that they have encountered a similar problem and/or just by talking or being listened to by someone who cares about you, is just the solution you need.”

For help, support and a listening ear to help build levels of confidence and self-belief so that you are able to care for yourself, simply access our professional, specialist and confidential corporate counselling service call: 01926 88252 or email:

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