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Success Story

“I have visited All About People on 3 separate occasions over the last 5 years for counselling about both personal and work-related issues.

I have found the service to be invaluable in helping me to develop coping strategies at times of stress and anxiety. The continuity of being able to talk to the same therapist on all of these occasions has meant I do not have to go over ‘old ground’ – she knows what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how best to offer me tailored support to suit my needs.

I would recommend All About People, and am extremely satisfied with their high quality service.” Thanks J

Success Story

“I really thought that therapy was just ‘tea and sympathy’ and for people who couldn’t ‘cope’ with life. All About People offered me a professional, confidential place to talk about my fears and concerns relating to work and helped me see things in a very different and positive way, Thank you” KB

Success Story

“Thank you for your help and support over the past few months. I know you are doing a ‘job’ but you have done it with empathy, kindness, understanding and humour and I feel I have really benefited from our sessions” SB

Success Story

“The therapist input has been invaluable to me in helping me work on areas of fear and anxiety. At the start of our sessions she quickly tuned in to a way of working that would help me most effectively. I value the way she listens intently and intelligently, which results in her being able to prompt me to make the links that I need to change my negative thinking. She has enabled me to realise the aspects of my child hood that still impact on me now.

I have particularly appreciated the blend of looking back to make connections but also looking forward to change behaviours and reactions. It’s not so much that she has changed my life, but that with her questions and reflections I have been able to change my thinking so that my reactions to, and feelings about, my life are radically different”.

The beginning

I used to wake up every day with a feeling of dread, a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach, did I know why? No.
I started to feel extremely anxious in big crowds of people and found it hard to think clearly, I had been suffering with these feelings probably all my life but my way of coping with these feelings were different throughout each stage of my childhood, teenage years, and adulthood.

I came to a point where I had nowhere to turn; I had exhausted every coping mechanism of irrational thinking and behaviour, not treating myself well and in general not being good to myself. I wanted to make sure that I was seeing a professional so I went The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) website and found my therapist. I met with my therapist for therapy and did know what I was letting myself in for but all I knew was that I needed to do something.

The middle

I started therapy and learned to deal with my irrational coping strategies over time; I had therapy once a week and it was intense. I learned about me and what my weaknesses are but most of all I learned how to deal with the problems, the feeling of dread faded, and over time and a lot of hard work and commitment I saw the brighter side of life.

And of course it was not easy I doubted myself and the whole process because it’s hard to change but I never gave up because I just could not go back to that horrible part of my life.

Therapy is not easy because you learn about yourself and remember things that are uncomfortable and scary but at the end of it you learn how strong you really are. I learned to be kind to myself and my therapist was the support I needed to do that, to have an impartial, unbiased opinion on what you perceive to be the norm in your head helped change my life.

She (the therapist) was also very flexible with time and helped work around my life as I had to still work and do all the other things as normal.

And back to the beginning

Life is amazing now, I am so grateful for the support and commitment that I got through counselling, my life has changed and I am now able to cope with and face each day knowing that I have been through the worst of it and I am fully equipped with the tools to face anything the world has to throw at me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days, of course I do, but what would normally take me months to deal with now takes me an hour or less to rationalise and think through.

Therapy is a continual process and an investment in your life and is well worth every penny, its priceless!

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