Critical Incident Support

A “critical incident” refers to any unexpected event that has the potential to affect your employees’ personal safety, dramatically reducing their ability to perform capably at work.

A critical incident may therefore occur in or outside of your company, with examples that range from a workplace robbery, violence, sudden death, or the suicide of an employee, to an act of terrorism, a plane crash, or a natural disaster.

Unsurprisingly, critical incidents can leave devastating, long-lasting and far-reaching effects, with many people feeling severely traumatised and unable to operate effectively.

All About People are an experienced and accredited counselling team that will provide immediate, knowledgeable and bespoke support to your employees, effectively reducing disruption both to their mental health and your company’s operations.

Whatever the nature of the incident, and whatever the size of your workforce, our targeted and supportive services aim to minimise traumatic effects, helping your employees to function normally both at work and at home.

Our counselling team will assess the individual needs of your employees and offer additional support where required.  We will also provide much-needed assurance that your company is concerned about employee wellbeing in the wake of an unexpected and disturbing event.

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