Young People and Self Esteem: a troubled relationship

May 9, 2018

No matter how old you are, low self esteem is an often crippling issue that affects all kinds of people at various life stages. However, statistics indicate that young people are particularly vulnerable, with 75% shown to suffer from low self-esteem at least once.

Low self esteem is characterised by feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy that lead to a lack of confidence. For starters, young people will often compare themselves negatively with their friends – particularly in the age of social media. Encounters with family members or teachers may leave them with an impression of not being ‘good enough’, while stressful life events, media messages and still-developing personality traits can all play a part in the way they feel about themselves on any given day.

While feelings of low self esteem will sometimes pass on their own, they shouldn’t be ignored. Left unchecked, prolonged feelings of low self esteem can turn into depression or anxiety later in life.

If you’re a young person who suffers from feelings of low self esteem, or you know somebody who is, the good news is that the right support – such as talking with a qualified counsellor – can make a huge amount of difference. It’s often amazing how much smaller problems can feel once they’ve been shared with the right person!

However old you are, here are some simple confidence-boosting tips you can use during those times when low self esteem strikes.

Examine your feelings
If you’re the kind of person who always focuses on negative outcomes, it can help to examine why, which is something professional counselling can help you explore. By analysing the reasons behind your thoughts and feelings, you will be better able to challenge them, replacing them with positive thoughts that will help you build confidence.

Focus on the positive
Sit down and make a list of all the compliments you have received in the past, the things you like best about yourself, or all the times when you have done something to make somebody else feel good. When feelings of low self esteem hit, review the list and take some time to focus on all those good things!

Spend time with your favourite people
If your friends make you feel bad about yourself, ditch them for ones who make you happy. It may sound simple, but spending time with positive people is good for you.

Do things you enjoy
Give yourself permission to do all the things you most enjoy. Try out new hobbies, seek out new experiences – the sky’s the limit! Just don’t waste time trying to be perfect, or mastering something you don’t enjoy because you think you ‘should’. This is all about you being happy.

While you’re probably able to talk to your family or friends, sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings with a friendly and qualified counsellor will give you the time and space you need to properly examine them. This will help you build your self esteem to where it needs to be.

At All About People, your counsellor is trained to listen, your sessions will be kept confidential and you won’t be judged – no matter how ‘silly’ you may think your problems are! Come and visit us, or we can arrange to conduct your sessions over the telephone or FaceTime.

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