Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety is a distressing emotion that people sometimes call ‘nervousness’ or ‘fear’.

The word ‘Anxiety’ applies to a number of situations and feelings which people experience, including but not limited to:

Phobias: Fear of specific things like heights, insects, or flying in aeroplanes

Panic attacks: Described as intense feelings of anxiety in which people fear they are going to die. Symptoms include feeling dizzy, extreme sweating, and an increased heart rate

Post Traumatic Stress: Repeated memories of a disturbing traumatic event with high levels of stress and anxiety, causing similar symptoms to panic attacks

General Anxiety Disorder: When worries and anxiety symptoms are experienced on a fairly continuous day to day basis

What happens in the first session?

Other types of counselling may be used in conjunction with CBT and this will be discussed with you in the first session.

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