Comments from employees who have used our service…

Rebuild important relationships

“Sally really helped me understand myself and why I was really struggling with certain areas in my life. It was always an enjoyable session even when we were discussing difficult topics of conversation. She really helped me see myself in a different light and helped me rebuild my relationship with my husband to even greater heights ,which I never thought we could reach, so thank you Sally for giving me the support and empowerment to have the confidence to make things so much better in my life.”

Return to work with confidence

“I needed somebody to talk to with regard to work related issues and counselling enabled me to return to work with confidence.”

Superb tools and strategies

“Miriam was AMAZING, she gave me some superb tools and strategies to help me get over the most challenging 12 months of my life. I want to recommend her to everyone I know. I looked forward to our sessions every week.”

An absolute godsend

“I had been with another therapist for around 5 years and came to All About People in a state which best described as just about surviving. I had so many complex problems which crossed over, as well as the potential of being Autistic. If I’m honest, I felt I was so complicated that no-one would be able to help me – This was my life.

I then met Sue, an absolute godsend and that’s saying something from a man who doesn’t subscribe to any religion. Sue understood me on the deepest of levels and unravelled over 30 years of issues. We worked amazingly well together and I’m now pleased to say I’m a happy functioning man who is happy, with the past where it belongs, and strategies to use when times become tough.

I know I paid for each session, however, I am truly in your debt Sue. You have changed my outlook on life for the better and I thank you so much.”

Feel like a completely different person

“There are so many positive outcomes of my counselling, I understand myself better than ever before and I feel positive about my future – in a way I have never felt before. I was able to work through my grief and so many other aspects of my life. I was so lost when I began and I feel like a completely different person now. Calling All About People is genuinely the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you so much to Miriam for everything – I am eternally grateful.”

Coping with bereavement

“My counsellor was enormously helpful and sympathetic. She helped me understand that the appalling situation I am still in was not one I could resolve and to live with it.”


“To be able to sit and talk to such a lovely counsellor was such a great help to me. Having never talked about these things to anyone before, it was very rewarding.”

Positive and happy place

“The sessions helped gave me the platform to unload some of my innermost thoughts and concerns to someone with a non judgemental / impartial outlook. In doing so we identified and have moved to address issues that I may have been avoiding (either consciously or subconsciously). I feel I have moved from a state of mental and physical inertia to a more positive and happy place. I have returned to work after a long absence with depression and anxiety issues and feel my life is back on track”

The light during my darkness

“My counsellor (Sheila) truly understood the complexity of my situation. Although there was no simple answer to my circumstance, in the end, I realised her warmth, openness and compassion was all I needed. Sheila was able to make me recognise the gravity of my ordeal  using the most human approach I had experienced since my father’s illness. Being in a space where I was able to candidly speak about my life really allowed me to finally connect with someone who was willing to hear my story for the first time, with no judgement towards me, or reasoning for others. This was key when I say I felt heard, as I had recently finished private counselling sessions rather unsuccessfully.

Overall I would say that my recent counselling sessions with All About People:

  • Gave me an escape from my reality in a beautiful setting
  • Helped me to off-load my complex situation  to willing and listening ears
  • Helped me to understand my diagnosis from a different perspective, which made me feel better about myself and that I wasn’t just going mad
  • Helped to rebuild my confidence and believe in myself”

Helped me continue to work whilst accessing counselling help

“My counsellor provided strategies that I could implement immediately in work. She put me first and allowed me to explore my issues in a safe environment with a calm and measured attitude, never judging. She was flexible in making appointments so that I had chance to work on the issues and techniques. She celebrated successes and highlighted constructive ways for me to move forward mentally. These techniques are still in use now and are still working. It has changed my entire perception and attitude towards work and allowed me to be mentally strong enough to move on from my current post.”

Phone counselling is very easy

“When confronted with a recent bereavement, it helped being able to talk to a third party who could put an independent/different perspective on the issues. My therapist was very easy to talk to. At first I felt it would be awkward having counselling via the phone but she made it very easy. Counselling has helped me to continue to work and has enabled me to develop skills for managing problems.”

Look for the happy, not the perfect

“I sought counselling after suffering with anxiety and depression. My therapist was fantastic, listening and understanding my situation and teaching me positive strategies to help me in my day-to-day life. These included, breathing, my “5 senses ” toolkit, and little phrases that have stuck with me like, “look for the happy, not the perfect”.

Relished the security of our sessions

After dealing with a recent bereavement/loss, I sought out some counselling help. I found it invaluable and relished the security of knowing I had a planned session to speak about my concerns. My counsellor reassured me that what I was feeling was ok and normal and developed a range of useful strategies to help me cope when my grief feels out of control. She was also brilliant at listening and showing genuine empathy. The therapist has definitely helped me through this very difficult time, which meant I was able to continue working.”

Light at the end of the tunnel

“Counselling allowed me a free and safe space to talk about how I was feeling and to feel listened to in return. I wasn’t sure if it would help at first, as I have never had counselling before, but it was brilliant and really helped me to think reflectively about myself, my behaviour and how I was feeling. My counsellor was calm, kind and reassuring and made me feel like how I was feeling was ok and that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. She was really easy to talk to and asked questions that really made me reflect on how I could improve situations and feel better about myself. I was able to continue to work whilst accessing counselling help and have developed vital skills for managing problems.”

Gained life skills which will last a lifetime

“Counselling helped me to gain life skills, which are as applicable in my personal life as in my working life and will last a lifestime. I would certainly come to you and the counsellor I saw if I needed to again, as it increased my self-confidence, gave me coping strategies and helped me to make decisions and/or changes.”

Peace of mind

“My counselling sessions for work stress helped me to understand why I was experiencing emotions and difficulties that felt out of my control. They gave me peace of mind and empowered me to cope with the trauma, to understand it and then deal with it. This meant that that I was able to return to work.”

Highly professional and competent

“All About People has provided a level of support to my organisation that is highly professional and competent.

In particular the skills of the therapists and trainers demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs of my staff and my business. The Therapists experience, empathy and positive approach to each individual and situation facilitated both personal and professional growth within the teams and helped create a calmer, productive working environment.

We will be using this service again and would recommend the service for any business looking for support for their staff.”

Experienced and helpful tharapists

“All About People respond to our requests for support for our staff with a prompt professional approach. It is particularly helpful that they have so many experienced therapists who can work with any of the issues our staff present them with.  We refer to All About People with confidence. A great support service to our organisation.”

Invaluable service

“We have used the services of All About People to provide counselling to our staff for at least 8 years. The feedback from our staff is extremely positive and we would have no hesitation in recommending this invaluable service.” KH

Engage with the future

“A big thank you for the workshop you delivered for our staff conference. H and I tried to catch you afterwards but you were busy talking to people.  Despite the time constraints, you offered our staff a very positive and accessible approach to managing their response to the changes ahead. I loved the positive message about change and the envelope containing the reminder that we can be our brilliant self and engage with the future with that mind set rather than feel overwhelmed and paralysed by it!” TJ

Professional and caring service

“We are a large employer and use AAP to provide our staff with counselling when they are struggling with either work related or personal issues. AAP offer a very professional and caring service. Appointments can usually be made without any delay. They provide our staff with a relaxed, secure and comfortable environment in which to think about their issues and concerns. I hear nothing but praise for their counsellors who help staff to continue working, often during very difficult circumstances. I would not hesitate in recommending AAP to any other organisation or business who is seeking support for their staff.” JH

A brilliant counsellor

“I had a brilliant counsellor who was also a wonderful person and a massive credit to your organisation. She showed how fantastic she was at listening, reflecting, paraphrasing, working with me, gentle challenging, focusing, encouraging me to go deeper into myself, caring, professional, amazing. She encouraged me to be more patient with myself and to think more positively and to not be so hard on myself which is what I really needed to hear. I feel more balanced now than I have for a long time and feel stronger in facing my own issues.”

Positive and resilient

“I cannot articulate how much the sessions with my AAP therapist have helped me understand and contextualize my thoughts and emotions. I was in a very dark place following a significant trauma, experiencing acute anxiety and a general inability to function at work or in my home environment.

Having an independent professional, skilled, understanding and non-judgmental person to help me work through some of the issues and difficult emotions that I was experiencing was invaluable. Before the sessions started I was very skeptical about how much counselling would help. However now I have completed the sessions I would recommend AAP to anyone experiencing difficulties. I have returned to work feeling positive and resilient. My anxiety levels are manageable and I am once again looking forward to the future.”

Increased confidence

“In just my first session it became clear that l had not been looking after myself, and was so overwhelmed trying to look after everyone else. It was refreshing to talk to someone who didn’t know me and how no preconceptions about me. After 3 sessions l am feeling so much more positive about myself and my life, and have gained the confidence I need to make changes so that I stay that way.”

Learning to cope

“Counselling has helped me to believe that I already have the ability to put coping strategies in place. The sessions have enabled me to ask and think about difficult questions/situations that I had previously ignored, but needed  me to deal with them.”

Regaining happiness

“From being in a troubled state with many uncertainties about my stress related condition and anxiety about how / when I would / could recover I was given advice to reassure me that my symptoms were typical and that I should be able (with patience and time) be able to return to being the person I was and be able to cope with life and work again. The strategies for coping with stress and anxiety have worked wonders and I am much improved and so much happier. I now have the tools / terms of reference to continue successfully with my life going forwards. The professionalism and kindness of the counsellor was very much appreciated. Thank you so much from me and my family for all your help.”

Coping with stress

“Counselling equipped with strategies to help me cope with stress and panic-triggering situations and being able to put my fears into perspective. Only face-to-face counselling has enabled me to do this – all the books and websites in the world haven’t done the trick!”

I felt listened to

“My therapist was very lovely and helpful. It was nice to feel listened to and my situation understood by someone who didn’t know me and wouldn’t just say “it’ll be alright” because no one knows that everything will be “alright”. The therapist gave me some breathing exercises to do in stressful situations where I may become anxious. The breathing exercise was very calming and made me very relaxed.”

Moving on

“Counselling gave me a chance to get some traumatic experiences into context and learn how to move on with my life.”

Positive attitude to life

“Thanks to counselling, I am feeling more relaxed. i I have learnt how to think about things more positively. I now understand the cause of my anxiety mainly stems from my childhood which now makes complete sense now that I understand the contributing factors. My therapist was wonderful very soothing calming nature and very knowledgeable also very professional. I am going to miss her.”

Connected with my counsellor

I am very connected with my counsellor during our sessions and feel she fully understands my situation and circumstances. I’m really grateful for her time, as she has helped me develop effective coping strategies and a more positive outlook on life. She’s a great person to come and talk to!

Right Kind of Guidance

“Miriam was amazing, she provided me with the right kind of guidance to help me deal with a difficult situation. I would certainly recommend her to others she has a wonderful manner, which put me at ease and was able to realise quickly what kind of support I needed.”


“Counselling helped get me back to work, It increased my self-confidence, It gave me coping strategies, It helped me to make decisions and/or changes. However the most positive outcome was being confident enough to apply for and be offered a new job.”

Renewed Strength

“The counsellor Karen was excellent. The initial reason for counselling was bereavement, but through the sessions it became clear there were other underlying problems that I hadn’t come to terma with. Karen helped me recognise this and also helped me to understand and deal with these problems. I would have benefited from more sessions as once they ended I did feel on my own, but with renewed strength of what I was facing.”

Practical help and support

“My counsellor was totally in tune with all my issues and provided intelligent , caring and practical help and support. This enabled me to make the right choices for my situation and to fully understand how to deal with my relationships. It was enlightening and and gave me back my self confidence.”

Feel better than I ever have

“My sessions helped me so much in every aspect of my life. Prior to counselling, I knew I felt the worst I had ever felt. By being able to open up and share so much, without even knowing I was doing it has helped me no end. In fact I would be inclined to say, I feel better than I ever have. I know myself a lot more now.”

Learn to move forward

“I have come to terms with my stress and anxiety over my relationship breakdown and learnt to move forward – this has improved my outlook on all aspects of my life. Thank you.”

A good experience

“Counselling was a really good experience.  I was a bit unsure before attending, but Karen was great and really helped me through a tough time and the changes I have been able to make have really benefitted my life and wellbeing.

I hope to continue with occasional sessions so that I can work through other areas in my life as and when I need it, as it is a good place to talk and sometimes rant without feeling judged and with someone who is detached from things. I would recommend giving this a go to anyone who is struggling.”

Work in progress

“Sue was a lovely counsellor and really easy to talk to. She taught me various coping mechanisms which I have been able to apply in numerous aspects of my day-to-day life. As a result, my mood has lifted exponentially, and I have grown in confidence. For me, the most positive outcome of my sessions has been my new found ability to challenge my critical self, and realise that I am a work in progress. I would recommend this service to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their mental health.”

Empowered and reflective

“My sessions at All About People were absolutely invaluable. I felt that it was a safe place to be able to talk through everything. My therapist was amazing and I really feel that she had a lot to do with the positive outcomes that I achieved. She made me come away from sessions feeling empowered and reflective which I contribute a lot to my progress.”

Feel empowered

“Counselling gave me coping strategies. It helped improve my relationships and it helped me to make decisions and/or changes. I feel empowered!”

Put matters into perspective

“It enabled me to remember and acknowledge that the issue I was dealing with was not typical and it helped me to refocus and put matters into perspective. I found it invaluable, and would recommend it to anyone dealing with bullying or harassment issues.”

Turn my life around

“I can’t speak highly enough of AAP. Having had a very negative first experience of couselling I was very anxious about my initial appointment but Fran put me at ease straight away and made me feel really comfortable talking to her. I have learned so much about myself during the last year and developed lots of strategies to cope with difficult situations. This has resulted in a much happier, healthier marriage and has improved other areas of my life aswell. Counselling has made a huge difference to me and I am in a much better place than I was when I started. Everyone I have come into contact with at AAP have been extremely helpful and supportive when arranging appointments etc. and I am so grateful to Fran for restoring my faith in counselling and helping me turn my life around. Thank you to all at AAP!”

Hard to admit that you need help!

“It helps discussing every day problems and issues with an independent person who doesn’t pretend that it will be alright. Going to counselling is not easy, it’s hard to admit to yourself and others that you need it. Having a counsellor that actually listens and shows empathy helps.”

Coping strategies

“I am in a much happier place in my life. Miriam has given me so many useful strategies to help with my anxiety. which have increased my self-confidence and helped me to make decisions and/or changes, I feel like I am back in control of my life. Thank you so much.”

Independent counsellor is best for effective help

“It was very helpful to speak about work related problems with a person who is completely independent, listened and took interest in me. This helped me to think about my problems at work, to weigh up possibilities, make my decisions and the changes needed to move forward. I could not have asked for anything more.”

It’s not my fault

“I was made to feel relaxed and listened too. I also gained an understanding that I was not ill and it was extreme anxiety and the impact of anxiety has on our physical and mental well being. I was able to focus and reassured it was not my fault.”

“The most positive outcome from my counselling was meeting Jenny whom helped me realise that I am okay to be myself. Jenny helped me through a tough time within my home relationship and I now feel so differently and look at things very differently, which in turn has helped me so much.
Thank you to Jenny x”

Counselling gave me coping strategies

“It was a massive personal acceptance to contact AAP for support with my ongoing personal life and helped me just to talk out loud. Jennie offered me that one on one relationship where I just got to let out emotions whereas I hadn’t been able to before and allowed them to build up to a point where I couldn’t cope anymore. Jennie was brilliant, just real, truthful and I really don’t know how I would have coped without turning to Jennie for the much needed shoulder to cry on. As much as I feel I’m just at the start of my situation and have a long way to go, I feel that now I need to concentrate on joint counselling to work through this hard time but cannot thank Jennie enough for the support she’s given me.”

Positive change

“Taking time to listen to me and it was important for me to be able to have time away from work stressors – working through finding the positive changes I can make to be me .
Thank you.”

None judgemental

“My corporate counselling sessions were none judgemental. It was somewhere where I could just be me.”

Helped me to make decisions and/or changes

“Sally totally understood my issues.!! We worked through them step by step.!!!! My last session was today and I left with the skills to address them in a positive way. Overall I would say that counselling increased my self-confidence. It gave me coping strategies. It helped improve my relationships and it helped me to make decisions and/or changes.”

Challenge thought processes

“Counselling helped get me back to work. It gave me coping strategies and helped me to feel better about myself. It also helped me to develop coping techniques and to challenge my thought processes.”

Improve your relationships

“I found Jenny friendly and approachable. She supported me throughout a difficult time and enabled me to develop coping strategies for the future, which have helped me to improve my relationships and to make decisions and/or changes.”

Enabled me to evaluate myself

“I have always been proud of the relationship I have with colleagues I work with and manage and the recent event which led me to seek your support made me question this.

The counselling has provided me with strategies to cope with these concerns and Jenny has given me the tools to enpower myself if a situation like this happens again.

The counselling has also enabled me to evaluate myself and ensure I take time out for me and my family and friends and has proved really positive up to now”

Explore my feelings

“Sally was very supportive and helped me to explore why I might be feeling as I was; understand the possible triggers; and suggested some strategies which really made sense to me and work! The sessions were comfortable for me. There were a number of realisations for me about how my assumptions can lead me on negative paths. Thank you Sally for leading me to those realisations!”

Excited what the future holds

“My counsellor enabled me to review and make connections with my experiences. I will continue with my personal development to ensure ongoing change. I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Happy and less anxious

“Counselling has given me back my self confidence. I feel happy and less anxious and am able to understand my feelings.”

Acknowledge and understand my anxiety

“Counselling helped me to be able to acknowledge and understand my anxiety and I now have strategies to try to cope with it. The opportunity to share my anxieties and be listened to without prejudice. Karen was very professional but also friendly and helped me to feel relaxed. She explained the reasons for my anxieties and how they impact on thoughts and feelings.”

Beating personal stress and anxiety

“Counselling helped me to deal effectively with personal stress and anxiety by giving me the tools to make decisions and changes that benefited me.”

Counselling increased my self confidence

“Counselling increased my self confidence. The counsellor was fantastic – she was very warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease – she’s a credit to your service.”

Need to think more about my needs in future

“Counselling helped me to gain both perspective on my relationship with my children and the realisation that I need to think more about my needs in future.”

Life changing

“Counselling has given me coping strategies, improved my relationships and helped me to make decisions and changes. Karen has been a life changer and an amazing help – I never realised how much counselling could help and can’t thank her enough. If I ever need it again in the future I would not hesitate to book to speak to her.”

I feel a lot happier!

“After counselling I feel I can be more confident and make the better decisions for myself.
I feel a lot happier with work, personal relationships and trying to create new friendships.”

Very friendly and easy to talk to

“My Counsellor Kerry was very friendly and easy to talk to. She listened very well. Overall counselling increased my self-confidence, gave me coping strategies and helped me to make decisions and/or changes.”

Coping with difficult thoughts

“Thanks to recent counselling, I feel I now have strategies to help me cope with the difficult thoughts. Having someone objective but supportive has helped with my perspective on the feelings/anxieties that I experience. After a dark period I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I am able to see that my anxieties shouldn’t define me and I have the ability to control and diffuse them – I just have to choose to do that. I am grateful for having a brilliant counsellor.”

Counselling increased my self confidence

“Counselling increased my self confidence as I was finally able to talk through my work-related issues with someone impartial.”

Improved feelings of self-worth

“Counselling has increased my self confidence and improved feelings of self-worth. It gave me coping strategies, helped me to make decisions and/or changes and taught me to not feel guilty about having some me time.”

A different perspective on how you think and feel

“Having a counsellor who listens and is able to see things in a different way for you to be able to feel happy about yourself and not worry too much about feeling guilty. Putting a different perspective on how you think and feel. I feel a lot better for having my counselling.”

Relaxation techniques to help me relax

“I have recently had counselling for stress and anxiety. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Having someone to talk too and being shown some relaxation techniques to help me relax, the results have been amazing.”

Freedom to discuss any problem you may have

“The most positive outcome from my counselling sessions was the the instant comfort of being able to freely discuss any problem you may have. My counsellor was very supportive and easy to talk to. I was never made to feel any embarrassment or anxiety in sharing the information and getting the support I required to move forward. I would highly recommend All About People.”

Look for positives in the present and the future

“I have been suffering with depression & anxiety as a cause of and a reaction to my marriage ending. Counselling has helped with coping mechanisms for severe mood swings and prolonged low periods, provided a bit of perspective in terms of the causes of my depression, and improved my ability to look for positives in the present and the future.”

Putting too much stress on myself

“Counselling has helped me realise that I was putting to much stress on myself. Following my five sessions, I now have excellent coping strategies and am able to make positive decisions and/or changes that are helping me to become stronger and more able to deal with both my personal and work lives.”

A worthwhile experience

“I now understand that counselling can be a very worthwhile experience. It helped get me back to work.  It increased my self-confidence, It gave me coping strategies, It helped improve my relationships, It helped me to make decisions and/or changes. Thanks to Kathy being so helpful, I now feel like me again, rather than someone outside, looking in. I feel positive again and also understand that I have the strength to get through low times. My husband said I’ve started giggling again and that meant so much to me.”

Counselling increased my self-confidence

“Counselling increased my self-confidence. It gave me coping strategies,  helped me to make decisions and/or changes and improved my relationships.”

I feel in a lighter, brighter, less lonely place.

“I had a number of issues to deal with including depression and debt. AAP gave me a safe space to talk about my worries and allowed me to feel how I needed to feel. It gave me the courage to not be ashamed of my problems and finally share with my brother and close friends the difficulties I am having and to see that I was still loved and cared for. I feel in a lighter, brighter, less lonely place as a direct result of my counselling sessions. Thank you.”

Feeling enabled to move forward confidently

” I feel enabled, through discussions with my therapist, to move forward confidently in the areas where there had previously been issues or problems. Realising that I was not alone and that help was there in a non judgemental way and that, with time and positive attitudes and actions and more self belief, things would improve- or if they didn’t, I had coping mechanisms to deal with them!”

How to cope with any further incidents

“Counselling gave me strategies to to cope with any further incidents.”

Work through my feelings and issues relating to my childhood

“Counselling helped me to work through my feelings and issues relating to my childhood. This in turn has helped me to build my confidence back up and recognise I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. Thank you for listening and your help.”

No need to seek medication and/or time off work

“Counselling meant that I was able to stay in work and not feel the need to seek medication and/or time off work. I felt that I had choices and that I was given strategies in order to cope. My counsellor was amazing and I felt at ease very quickly. I would definitely recommend this route. My employer recommended this for me and was very supportive. I feel so much better and ready to continue my life with a positive outlook. Thank you.”

Enabled me to see where my difficulties were and why I had them

“My counsellor was so welcoming and understanding from the first session. She was supportive, easy to talk to and generally a lovely person. She made the whole process so easy as I had previously put off going. She made me realise that is is ok to have certain feelings and how I can move forward. She helped me continue to work whilst accessing counselling help and developed my skills for managing problems, which resulted in an increase in confidence and self-awareness and the ability to explore options and make decisions. I am so grateful for all of her help and support.”

Positive strategies to make changes

“Counselling gave me some positive strategies to explore and try. These included developing skills for managing problems, which increased my confidence and self-awareness. My counsellor was able to give possible reasons for certain things that I was struggling to cope with. Reassurance was given which made me feel better about myself and my ability to cope with stress.”

Increase in confidence and self-awareness

“My counsellor really helped me and I will be forever grateful for everything she did. She was an amazing and truly lovely lady who helped me to continue to work whilst accessing counselling help. She enabled me to develop skills for managing problems including increasing my confidence and self-awareness, making decisions and exploring options. This approach really helped me to deal with stress, depression and a physical illness. Thank you.”

Safe, non judgemental place

“Counselling  gave me a safe, non judgemental place to discuss my issues freely and openly.  I was provided with insights,  suggestions and skills for dealing with problems that may arise. Lauretta was professional and approachable, and it never felt like she wasn’t listening to me or trying to help me.”

The only service that helped me

Your counselling service was amazing and really helped me through everything. Lauretta was fantastic, caring, empathetic and helped me see the positives in my life where I was really struggling to do so. She let me talk freely and helped me to develop skills for managing my  problems, increase in confidence and self-awareness, made decisions, explored options etc. Lauretta also helped me to understand that none of my problems are my fault and that it was out of my hands. She helped remind me that there where positives in my life and I would get better. She also listened so well and did not judge, whilst giving me some great advice and very caring support. Thank you.”

Observe my behaviours and change them

“My counsellor was absolutely brilliant. I had reached a point of crisis and needed to hand in my notice. She enabled me to observe my behaviour patterns, analyse them and ultimately change them. She was perfect for me and I felt a rapport with trust for the support ideas being proffered. She helped me to develop skills for managing problems -increase in confidence and self-awareness, made decisions, explored options etc. The support I received was amazing and possibly if I had realised my situation before the crisis then I may have remained in my previous role. However, I am content with my decision and lifestyle changes.

Helped me to move forward

“My counsellor was amazing. She listened to me and then helped me explore and unpack how I was feeling, how I dealt with issues personal to me and how I could approach these situations in a rational manner. She was very easy to talk to and gave me the time I need to work out how I could move forward. She gave me practical ways of dealing with my anxieties and depression whilst I continued to work.”

Gloriously none judgemental

“Counselling has helped me in many ways. I am now more able to relax and be positive with and about myself. My counsellor was excellent. She was the correct type of person for me – a very good listener and intuitive with a kind and gentle voice. She helped to focus in on issues I was uncomfortable addressing or acknowledging in a positive way – thus giving me time and space to reflect and implement strategies to help myself. She always made me feel safe and secure and as I adopted the attitude of “putting it all on the table” she was gloriously none judgemental. I can’t speak highly enough of her – her attitude- her professionalism and most of all her effectiveness.”

Provided me with an outlet to express my concerns and thoughts

“My counsellor was exceptionally good at creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in which I felt confident to talk. Her responses and own communication skills were key in helping me to develop a more positive attitude and put things into perspective.  She provided me with an outlet to express my concerns and my thoughts without feeling I was being judged. In addition she also helped me to develop skills for managing problems going forwards.

She made me feel important

My counsellor was amazing. It was great to talk to someone and just to feel relaxed and confident to talk about my problems. She listened without judging and made be feel that I and what was going on in my life was so important. Her approach and her manner when talking with me was impeccable.”

Further comments from clients:

“Counselling has helped me to accept what has happened and move forward with my life without guilt.”

“My counselling sessions gave me a few more tools to enable me to cope during stressful times. It is difficult to remember coping strategies when you are feeling worn out but sometimes simple actions can make a world of difference.”

“I felt that my counsellor understood the difficulties that I was experiencing. I also began to feel that the issues/feelings that I had at the time were justified and normal and I was able to begin the process of coming to terms with these and find a way to move on.”

“My counsellor challenged me a lot and the skills she has taught me will hopefully enable me to enjoy my life better in the future. When I arrived I was suffering with depression, anxiety and low self esteem. I am lucky to now feel in control of these a great deal more. Thank you.”

“I’ve never been one for speaking openly about my feelings but knew that I needed to. The therapist I was seeing instantly made me feel comfortable from the very start, he was empathetic, comforting and honest. I can’t say enough positive things. It has turned my life around.”

“The therapist helped me to see the world from a different perspective which enabled me to return to a job I love with renewed confidence. She also helped me believe in my abilities as a teacher, and find strategies for coping with a demanding job’. ‘Thank you.”

“Very helpful sessions, wish I’d come here when I went through a traumatic time a few years ago”

“Found it very easy to open up to the Counsellor. I have been given ‘tools’ and ‘ideas’ to work with.”

“A big thank you to the counsellor- personable, attentive, welcoming, made me feel comfortable from the start and has really helped me progress.”

“Since attending therapy I feel so much more confident with dealing with anxiety and I have learnt so much that will help me. The therapist was so easy to talk to which eased my own fears about what therapy was like. Without these sessions I don’t think I would have understood what was happening to me or dealt with it. I feel I now have techniques that will continually help me.”


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