Bereavement and Loss

To be bereaved means to lose a loved one through death. It is a natural reaction, which is different for each person.

No one can tell you how long the process of recovery and healing will take. Counselling for Bereavement and Loss helps people to adjust to the changed situation. It is an opportunity to be heard, have time to talk, to cry, shout, or just to think. Counselling helps sort out some of the confused feelings as a result of the loss or death, and can help bring some order to a world thrown into chaos.

Types of Therapy and next steps

The therapist will offer a place to talk that is confidential and sympathetic to your situation. It is a place for you to talk through your loss without fear of upsetting the other person, or being judged for ‘not coping’ with your feelings.

The approach used for counselling for Bereavement and Loss usually starts with a Person Centred Approach. The therapist will discuss this with you in the first session, and assess whether other types of therapy would also be useful.

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