Accepting your personal gender norm: help is at hand

Nov 7, 2018

All About People is a Leamington Spa-based counselling practice that is dedicated to supporting people, so they can feel less alone and more at ease with themselves. Our team of therapists are qualified in a diverse range of therapeutic areas, and are able to offer experienced support for a wealth of issues.

We are proud to welcome Gemma Hammond as our latest addition to the All About People team. Gemma is an experienced therapist who specialises in working with people who suffer from gender identity issues, which is also known as gender identity dysphoria.

What is Gender Identity Dysphoria (GID)?
You would experience GID if you felt unhappy about living in accordance with the gender you were assigned at birth. It could be that you don’t identify with a particular gender at all, or that you were born male, but you identify as female (or vice versa).

Many people feel that their birth-assigned gender is not a complete match with the way they feel about themselves, and this can be very distressing. But instead of talking about their feelings, it is sadly all too common for people to keep their thoughts and feelings a secret, resigning themselves to live life inside a body they don’t identify as truly belonging to them.

Although the identity GID-sufferers present to the world every day feels almost unbearably false, they may worry about feeling accepted by those they love, if they were ever to reveal their true feelings.

Help is available
If you don’t personally suffer from GID, it can be hard to imagine the stress that can result from your sense of self not matching your physical being. But those feelings of distress are very real.

Everybody deserves to come out of the shadows and live their true life. At All About People, we can offer the unconditional acceptance, encouragement and guidance needed to do just that.

Gemma works confidentially with her clients from a safe and comfortable space in our Leamington Spa-based practice. She uses an holistic approach that helps people suffering from GID-related anxiety and depression, and a behavioural approach that brings self harm and suicidal thoughts safely into the open, so they can be properly explored and resolved.

Gemma also works with clients who are experiencing gender-associated relationship difficulties, as well as friends and family members who would like additional support with their loved one’s GID-related issues.

If you are currently exploring gender identity issues, you have decided to change your gender role and are transitioning, or you have fully transitioned, Gemma is able to provide qualified and experienced help and support.

There is no need for anybody to feel isolated or abnormal regarding their gender issues. In fact, Stonewall have coined an excellent phrase that sums up the way Gemma feels about helping and supporting her clients: “acceptance, no exceptions”.

To arrange an appointment, or to find out more about the confidential services we offer at All About People, please contact us.

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